Welcome to our Women's Ministries page. Our WOW women's ministry is but one part-though a very active part- of the Marshall Street Church. We meet for dinner every other month at different locations in town and call this our W2W group, where we just meet and have dinner together with no kids, no agenda, just "us" time you might say. We love to go on trips. We try to get together at least once a month. We try to do at least one Bible study a year and we take an active part in helping our church with missions, children's homes, and other outreach projects. 

WOW Cookbook

WOW is selling cookbooks for only $12.00! These cookbooks have all your favorite recipes with special add ons, such as measurement tables, substitutions for common ingredients, and more! All these recipes come from the WOW Ladies of Marshall Street Church. These books will make the perfect gift for a loved one or to have in your own kitchen. All proceeds from the sales go to the Parsonage Fund.